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{"ID":79,"SpaceID":5,"PageID":7,"HasCommentsThread":false,"SeoTags":{"OpenGraphTags":[{"ID":"og:title","Name":"Club History"},{"ID":"og:type","Name":"website"},{"ID":"og:url","Name":"https://www.epsomparkbowlingclub.org.uk/Cms/Spaces/Honours/Club+History"}],"NonOpenGraphTags":[]},"Path":"Club+History","Title":"Club History","Author":{"ID":4,"Name":"Chris Long","CompanyName":null},"Version":3,"IsDraft":false,"IsOldVersion":false,"PublicationDate":"22/03/2021 09:22","VersionDescription":"v3 - Club History - Chris Long - 22/03/2021 09:22","HideHeader":true,"IsFullWidth":false,"Blocks":[{"Columns":[{"InstanceID":"209","Width":12,"WidthClasses":"col-md-12","Type":"HTML","Content":"\u003ch1\u003eA brief history of Epsom Park Bowling Club\u003c/h1\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eEpsom Park Bowling Club began as an unincorporated members’ club on 12\u003csup\u003eth\u003c/sup\u003e February 1912 with an initial membership of 50 men. Each of them paid an annual membership fee of two shillings and six pence (12.5p), and could hire the use of a locker for just one shilling (5p) a season. The cost of a season ticket for the use of the green was a further five shillings (25p) but this was reduced by half if the member provided his own bowls. At that time two greens were available in Alexandra Park, and members also had the use of what was then said to be one of the finest greens in Surrey.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eIn 1951 Epsom \u0026 Ewell Borough Council provided a new green, which was again of high standard and in 1956 was used for an inter-county match between Surrey and Hampshire. This green is still used by the Club but, due to cost pressures on the Local Authority, it can no longer be maintained to quite such a high standard.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eA Ladies’ Section was begun in 1952, but the Men’s Section was unfortunately forced to close on 30\u003csup\u003eth\u003c/sup\u003e September 1974, when too few members were prepared to act as officers and committee members. The Competition trophies were sold off to members and the remaining Men’s Club funds were distributed to various charities.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eHowever, the Ladies Section continued to thrive and in 1984, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of enthusiasts, the Men’s Section was resurrected. In the 1990s there were moves towards integration of the two Sections by setting up a Joint Committee and arranging mixed matches. The first Joint AGM was held on 13\u003csup\u003eth\u003c/sup\u003e\nNovember 1993.\u003c/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003eIn 2008 the Club converted itself to a company limited by guarantee and in 2011 it became a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club), but the bowls carries on unaffected by the changes. Today, both Sections bowl with members of all abilities, in both single-sex and mixed events.\u003c/p\u003e","ComponentCode":null,"ComponentData":null,"ComponentError":null,"Background":{"Colour":null,"ImageURL":null,"ImageCrop":null,"Filter":null,"Html":"\u003cdiv class=\"cms-image\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e"}}],"Height":595,"ColumnSpacing":0,"BottomMargin":0,"IsFullWidth":false,"IsBackgroundFullWidth":false,"Background":{"Colour":null,"ImageURL":null,"ImageCrop":null,"Filter":null,"Html":"\u003cdiv class=\"cms-image\"\u003e\u003c/div\u003e"}}],"PageURL":"https://www.epsomparkbowlingclub.org.uk/Cms/Spaces/Honours/Club+History?version=3","AllVersions":[{"ID":10,"Name":"v1 - Club History - Chris Long - 25/02/2021 18:46"},{"ID":18,"Name":"v2 - Club History - Chris Long - 02/03/2021 08:39"},{"ID":79,"Name":"v3 - Club History - Chris Long - 22/03/2021 09:22"}],"Comments":[],"UpdatedComments":[],"Spaces":[],"IsWatching":false,"LastViewTime":null,"CanEdit":false,"CanPublish":false,"CanComment":false,"CanReadComments":false,"CanModerateComments":false,"CanLike":false,"CanWatch":false}